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Community Mural 2022

Located in Sterling Plaza (HMart on Bellaire Blvd.)

'Longevity (long life)' is an English translation of the phrase: trường thọ.

This was one of a series of wishes my parents would teach us just minutes before the tet (new years) party to wish the other adults whom would give us li xi (red money bags).

38 gallons of paint
205 unique volunteers spread throughout:
2 days for outlining, 5 for painting, 1 for touch ups done solo. 8 days total (May 16-23)
At least 20% of those volunteers showed up for more than one day.
24' high x 141' wide

Big thank you to:
VCSA (Vietnamese Culture and Science Association) for partnering with me and making this happen :).
vcsa LOGO hIGH dEF-01.webp
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