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Through pencil and paper I create imaginary worlds and characters that whimsically visualize the exploration of my daily thoughts and emotions..

Extended Bio:

Thomas Tran is an artist from Alief-Houston, Texas. He is Vietnamese-American, grew up in a highly diverse area, 24-years-old, and likes to make art around his everyday thoughts and feelings. He creates illustrations, comics, and murals. He studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design from 2014-2018, graduating with a BFA in illustration. For his senior thesis, he kickstarter funded the self-published his book ‘Bubba Stories’, full of detailed 20-40hr render graphite illustrations and comics. Illustrations from this book also won Honorable Mention at the AOI (Art of Illustration) show in 2018. In 2019 his comic ‘Bayou Kings’ received a 16-page feature in Bonfire’s 2019 annual anthology. He was also an artist for anthology zines in 2020 such as ‘Victory Road ’ (Thomas also led the team that put it together) and ‘Cactus Juice’. Both were created to raise money for racial justice organizations. In 2019, he was a recipient of the ‘Support Artist and Creative Individuals’ grant from the City of Houston for a project to create murals in the Alief-Houston area. This led to the creation of the ‘New Alief Community Mural 2019’ at Universal Plaza in Vietnam/Chinatown in Bellaire, a 20 foot by 80 foot piece. In 2020, he created ‘Crocodile Garden’ a mural for the Alief Art House. Now he is based in Houston and works as a freelancer.

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