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Hello! Thanks for coming out to help us paint Asiatown/Chinatown/Sterling Plaza's first (community) mural!

First, before you can help, sign this Liability Waiver:

Couple Safety things: 

  • DO NOT go up on the scaffolding if it makes you feel unsafe. 

  • Each section of scaffolding can handle 500lbs, so max 2-3 people on each section. For the smaller scaffold only 1 person on per section. 

  • Be mindful of others (and their cups of paint) as you move around.

  • When moving scaffolding: don't do it unless you've been instructed by me how to do so.



  • Painting is pretty simple. Look at the guide to see what color goes where and fill in the shape. 

  • Guide:

  • Use the outline on the wall to guide you but if things looks strange reference the color guide or ask me (Thomas).

  • The outline on the wall should be completely covered by paint (paint goes edge to edge). If at bit of the outline shows through that's fine.

  • When not painting keep the brush hairs submerged in paint or wrapped in a plastic bag to keep from hardening. One color per brush. When done with brush throw in water bucket.


Other things to do:

  • Delivering paints/materials/drinks to painters on the scaffolding. 

  • Washing brushes in the water bucket. 

  • Ask me


Again thank you for coming out and I hope you have a good time :)

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